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 Online Giving FAQ

1. Do I have to create an account for online giving?
No, but creating an account does allow you to save credit card information (if you desire), set up recurring payments, and view giving history. If you don’t set up an account you just process your payment by putting in your card information every time you wish to give.
2. Do I have to save my credit card information?
No, unless you wish to set up recurring payments.
3. What if my credit card or personal information changes?
Easy! Visit and click “Sign-In”. Sign in to your account and then click “My Account” and “Personal Info”. Or you can update your credit card information by clicking on “My Account” and “Payment Methods”.
4. Can I see a record of what I’ve contributed online?
Yes, if you have created an account. Visit and click “Sign-In”. Sign in to your account and then click “My Account” and “History”. This record ONLY includes online giving.
5. Is there a fee for using online giving?
Yes, there is a fee that the church is responsible for paying, but you may choose whether or not to offset this fee by checking the box next to “add 2.5% to help cover costs of processing”. This is NOT mandatory but it does help share the cost of processing.
6. Is this a secure transaction?
Yes, your payment is a secure 128-bit SSL encrypted payment.
7. If I’ve set up an account already, how do I access it?
Visit and click “Sign-In”. You can save this link in your bookmarks for easy access.